About Us


Marcus Jackson

Marcus has been performing since the age of 5. There is nothing better than entertaining a crowd. Whilst he has been singing and dancing for 20 years Marcus says that you can never get enough.

Marcus has been studying Elvis for quite some time. "I would never do Elvis if I wasn't doing it right". Elvis was a perfectionist and I honour that to my fullest. With replica costumes made professionally from the USA you can see the detail that has gone into these costumes. "I love watching Elvis move, he is a free spirit and the music takes him places. This is one thing I love to pride myself on and that's to shake rattle and roll just like Elvis".

Marcus has also assisted other Elvis tribute acts by showing them how to move like Elvis and also showing them other things that other acts have not picked up on that Elvis use to do on stage. "I have also provided my dancers to these acts to help them out". If I can help others in any way I will. I just love being a part of the Elvis world. 

Marcus has a real connection with audiences he makes everyone feel as if they are a part of the act. I like to add a bit of comedy saying things like Elvis use to and also adding in some of my own. I have had plenty of audience members saying that they like that about my act cause it breaks the ice. Not being Elvis you have to do something a little different and it works for me.  Putting this show together has been a dream for a long time. Whilst always doing Elvis on a small scale I always wanted to take this to the next level. This is a show to experience and see.

The Sensation Showgirls

The dancers are some of the most professional entertainers that you will see. When they hit the stage they add colour and energy. Their dance routines are sharp and exciting. These dancers have been training for many years and live to dance. Their costumes are professionally made by Kerryn Gough and are always sparkling. She has captured the era of time and takes the audience back as if Elvis was still alive.  You can hear a gasp from the audience when the dancers come out to perform. All the dancers have worked close with Marcus Jackson and you can see the connection on stage. 

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